S.U.N. Engineering INC

Since 1978, S.U.N. Engineering, Inc. has been providing industry-leading mileage, performance, simplicity, innovation, and affordability in pipeline-pigging products and solutions worldwide, onshore and offshore.

Pipeline Pigging

S.U.N. Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1978 with the idea of producing new and innovative pipeline pig.

Magna-Sygg Pig Detector

The MAGNA-SYGG from S.U.N. Engineering, Inc. is truly a non-intrusive pipeline pig detector. Simple and rugged, it can be strapped to the surface of a pipe or it can be used as a portable pig passage indicator.

ESP Clamp

S.U.N. Engineering carries a full line of Winterhawk’s downhole cross-coupling cable protectors.

We know pipeline pigs, and our expert sales staff can help you determine the best pig for your specific application.