S.U.N. Engineering, Inc. has formulated a special polyurethane compound for its Super products. Its special LN-10 formulation provides an MDI polyester urethane material that is unmatched in flexibility and durability. Actual field use and tests indicate that it lasts at least thirty percent longer than the urethane used in conventional pipeline pigs. The LN-10 formulation also has excellent temperature operating ranges (-40º F to 180º F depending on application) that allow it to operate effectively in extreme product environments. LN-10 is resistant to most known chemicals encountered in today’s pipelines. Our special formulation eliminates the need for cost cutting fillers and additives in our products, thereby providing customers with the highest quality pipeline pigs, spheres, and component parts available in the world today.


S.U.N. Engineering, Inc., manufactures a variety of durometer hardness available in all of our urethane products. Durometer options typically range from a low of 50 Shore A to a high of 95 Shore A. Durometers can be varied for increased seal, more aggressive scraping action, and abrasion resistance. A different durometer is typically called for when you have a job with unique requirements such as nitrogen purging, long distance batching operations, hard scale removal, long distance cleaning, or chemical applications.

S.U.N. Engineering, Inc., also has the ability to cast multiple durometers into one component for those applications when a softer contact surface is desired while retaining a firmer cup face.

High Temperature Urethane

S.U.N. Engineering, Inc., also produces a high temperature MDI polyester urethane formulation known as LN-28. This material exceeds the temperature range of most other urethane compounds. The material exhibits the same properties as our proprietary LN-10 compound, with the ability to withstand a temperature of up to 250º F. This is a viable alternative, in most situations, to using neoprene.

Contact our Sales Department for more information and to determine which option will work best for your application.