Tuffcast Pig

The TUFFCAST Pig combines conical sealing cups with scraping discs providing both actions in one pig. The solid cast construction makes for a lightweight and economical general purpose cleaning pig. It is made from the same tough LN-10 urethane as our line of Super Pigs. This allows for high abrasion resistance with flexibility to maintain a positive seal in out-of-round sections of steel pipe.

The TUFFCAST Pig is available in different durometer hardnesses to meet specific pigging requirements.

When heavy cleaning capability is needed, the TUFFCAST Pig can be fitted with carbon steel brushes or prostran brushes. The standard brush configuration on the TUFFCAST pig is two brushes; however, the pig can be fitted with a single brush if requested.

The TUFFCAST Pig is designed with hollow bodies to allow for the mounting of magnets or pig tracking devices.

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TuffCast Pig Dimensions

TuffCast Pig Dimensions

Size1 A B C
4 9.5 7.25 4.37
6 14 10.50 6.37
8 18 13.00 8.50
10 23 18.00 10.50
12 27 20.50 12.50
16 32 26.00 16.25
20 42 33.00 20.25
24 50 40.00 24.00

1All measurements are in inches.

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