Super Flex Pig

The Super Flex Pigs are solid-cast polyurethane pigs available in up to four durometers designed for 6” through 12” & 16” pipe with multiple configurations of 3C, 3D2C, 5D2C, brushes, magnets, and transmitters for varying pipeline applications and pigging needs.  The Super Flex Pig is a one-piece body design with a hollow core.  This allows the pig to have maximum flexibility for maneuvering through all pipeline bends and valves while maintaining a superior seal. The one-piece body design also requires no assembly and reduces the load for ease of use.   The Super Flex Pig, having a hollow core, allows for the expansion of the pig while under pressure resulting in better sealing and scraping of the pipeline.  The hollow core also makes it suitable for transmitters.  The Super Flex Pig provides multiple sealing surfaces and is an excellent choice for removing liquids from the line, especially in wet gas systems.  It performs also performs well at removing, paraffin and other debris from product and crude oil systems.  The 3 types of Super Flex pigs can be configured and customized depending on the job requirements. 

Super Flex 3C


Super Flex – 3D2C / 5D2C

The Super Flex 3D2C and 5D2C Pigs vary slightly from the original Super-Flex 3C by replacing the 2nd cup with Discs leaving three to five sealing disc options and a rear cup. The Super-Flex II is extremely effective in removing liquids from wet gas systems, as well as water, paraffin, and other debris from product and crude oil systems. Just like the Super-Flex, the hollow core design makes this pig lightweight while maintaining a superior seal. For more aggressive cleaning, wire brushes and debris magnets are options as is a transmitter for pig tracking. The Super-Flex II is also a great choice for product batching, line displacement, and product evacuation. 


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