Super Cast Pig

Utilizing the same design objectives and construction material, the one piece Super Cast pipeline pig offers a logical cost alternative to poly foam pigs. Available in diameters from 2″ – 12″, Super Cast Pig is the ideal product for a broad range of applications around refineries, chemical plants, oil pipelines, gas pipelines, and municipal utility lines. Its soft durometer allows it to last ten times longer than poly foam pigs; it does not have the same disposal and contamination problems; it can easily negotiate 1.5R bends, bridge valves and tees without buckling, tearing, or shredding. The Super Cast Pig always exceeds task requirements and it takes fewer pigs to do it, run after run after run.

The Super Cast Pig is available as a cup pig or as a bi-directional disc pig. The Super Cast cup pig is available with a configuration of between 2 and 7 cups. The Super Cast disc pig is available with 6 discs; the first and last disc are turned down to the nominal inside diameter of the line and act as guide discs while the inner 4 discs provide the seal.

If you need greater flexibility in the configuration of a single cast pig, please see our Optima Cast Pig.

Super Cast Pigs use the same long-lasting MDI polyurethane as all of S.U.N. Engineering’s urethane products. Super Cast Pigs are available in three durometers, depending on your requirements. The standard Super Cast Pig is made of 85 durometer (± 5 points) MDI polyurethane. Super Cast is also available in 65 (± 5 points) and 95 (± 5 points) durometers on request.

For information on Care and Maintenance of S.U.N. Urethane Pigs please visit our Care and Feeding page.

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