Optima Cast Pig

The Optima Cast Pig allows the pipeline operator to select any combination of S.U.N. Engineering’s Super Pig scraper cups or discs and configure those parts into a one piece cast pig. This setup allows greater flexibility in any pipeline operation’s pigging program. The Optima Cast pipeline pig utilizes the same long lasting MDI urethane that S.U.N. Engineering uses for all of its urethane products. The LN10 formulation polyester MDI urethane used by S.U.N. Engineering is renowned for its wear and chemical resistance properties, making S.U.N. urethane pipeline pig products more economical than those of its competitors.


The Optima Cast Pig can be configured with any of S.U.N.’s scraper cup or disc designs in any desired arrangement; whether it is a cup-disc-disc-cup design, multi-size cups, or paraffin cups; in any combination desired for up to six sections. The Optima Cast Pig provides the broad range of specialty cups available on the S.U.N. Super Pig with the convenience of a single piece cast pipeline pig. The Optima Cast Pig was designed with a hollow post on all sizes making it easy to equip the pig with a magnetic cartridge for use with the Magna-Sygg Pig Detector, or with a transmitter for use with pipeline pig tracking equipment.


Optima Cast Pig Product Details PDF

Cup, Disc, and Brush Options

One of the many benefits of the Optima Cast Pig is the ability to configure it differently for different pipeline pigging needs. Be sure to check out Cup, Disc, and Brush Options for more details.

Care and Feeding of S.U.N. Optima Cast Pigs

For more information on the care and maintenance of S.U.N. urethane pipeline pigs, have a look at our Care and Feeding of S.U.N. Pigs page.

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