Pipeline Pigging

S.U.N.’s current pipeline-pigging product line includes the following:

Super Pig

The all-urethane pig with replaceable parts.

Optima Cast Pig

A single-cast urethane pipeline pig with flexible configuration: cups, discs, multi-size cups.

Super Cast Pig

A single cast-urethane pipeline pig.

Super Flex Pig

Solid-cast Polyurethane Pig

Tuffcast Pig

An economical, single-cast, general-purpose urethane pipeline pig.

Super Sphere

A seamless pipeline sphere available in different durometers for pipelines and meter-provers.

Foam Pigs

For light cleaning, de-watering, and drying.

Mandrel (Metal Body) Pig

Metal body pipeline pig and replacement cups.

Magna-Sygg Pig Detector

The Magna-Sygg® Pig Detector is a non-intrusive pipeline pig signal device.

Cup, Disc, and Brush Options

Multisize cups, paraffin cups, discs, split discs, brushes, blades, dual durometer cups, cups and discs for mandrel pigs.