Magna-Sygg Pig Detector

The MAGNA-SYGG from S.U.N. Engineering, Inc. is truly a non-intrusive pipeline pig detector. Simple and rugged, it can be strapped to the surface of a pipe or it can be used as a portable pig passage indicator. You do not have to shut down the pipeline and wait for an expensive crew to install special fittings – the MAGNA-SYGG pig detector is ready to go to work.


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MAGNA-SYGG Series 100 pig detectors feature rugged weatherproof construction. The Series 200 pig detectors have explosion proof, UL Listed housings. The detector can be powered by its self-contained battery or by on-site 24 VDC. The pig detectors can be used to actuate a range of devices from simple manual reset flags to Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

MAGNA-SYGG operates by reacting to changes in magnetic field strength (changes in magnetic flux density). A passing pig, which has been properly fitted with a suitable magnet, will induce a current within the detector’s base. Upon detection of the magnetic field, the pig detector then activates a NO (Normally Open) or NC (Normally Closed) Relay, that has a 7 second reset delay. Contacts are rated 1/4 A at 24 VDC.

MAGNA-SYGG detectors can be used with any of S.U.N.’s pipeline pigging products: Super Pig, Super Cast Pig, Optima Pig, Super Hog Pig, or Super Sphere, that have been equipped with S.U.N. Engineering’s unique, flexible magnet arrangement. The Magna-Sygg pipeline pig detector has been successfully tested and used on 4″ thru 48″ pipelines.

Our special magnets can also be conveniently installed in poly foam pigs when required. For more information and use on special applications contact S.U.N. Engineering, Inc. directly or one of its authorized domestic or international distributors.

Magna-Sygg Series 100 Weatherproof Detector

Basic Equipment:

  • NO / NC Relay
  • Mechanical Flag
  • Battery Pack

Available Options:

  • 24 VDC Power
  • Timer
  • Satellite Base
  • Test Light
  • Reset Switch

Magna-Sygg 101 Manual PDF

Magna-Sygg Series 200 Weather- and Explosion-Proof Detector

Basic Equipment:

  • Base
  • Reset Button
  • Test Light
  • NO / NC Relay
  • Permanent Mount
  • 24 VDC Power

Available Options:

  • Battery Pack
  • Timer/Counter
  • Portable Mount
  • Glass Cover

Magna-Sygg 201 Manual PDF
Data Sheet


All MAGNA-SYGG® products are warranted for eighteen (18) months from the date of sale, or twelve (12) months after the date of start-up service, whichever is occurs first.

Magna-Sygg® Comparative Advantages Over Mechanical Pig Detector

Magna-Sygg® Mechanical Pig Detector
Quick and Easy Installation: The MAGNA-SYGG can be installed permanently in less than five minutes. Simply strap it to the pipe using the built-in ratchet mechanism and a wrench. No special tools are required. Flow must be shut down or a hot tap specialist employed to perform cutting, fitting and welding procedures to install a mechanical pig detector. These procedures can be dangerous, time consuming and expensive.
Portable: The MAGNA-SYGG can also be attached temporarily. In addition to trap duty, the detector can be placed to verify pig passage through tees, valves, elbows or any “trouble spot”. To prevent vandalism or theft, the MAGNA-SYGG can be easily removed after each use and safely stored away until needed again. Once installed, most mechanical pig detector units are all but permanent. A misplaced or misaligned unit may require costly cut-out, repair and reinstallation procedures. Often it is less costly to buy a new unit and install it nearby. However, too many probes in an area of low flow increases the likelihood of a pig becoming lodged.
Non-Intrusive: Since the MAGNA-SYGG does not penetrate the pipe wall, neither the structural integrity nor the flow efficiency of the pipeline will be compromised. Mechanical pig detector units utilize intrusive probes that impede flow and act as depositories for paraffin and debris. This buildup can quickly impair the unit.
Durable: The weather proof MAGNA-SYGG has few moving parts to wear out and its durability is well established. In fact, the first units manufactured are still in permanent service today, having endured the harsh climates of rural Wyoming since 1990. With mechanical pig detector units, actuation is caused by the pig striking the probe. This impact results in useful lives of only 3 to 9 months, depending on pigging frequency. Furthermore, a typical mechanical unit will not exhibit any signs of impending failure after the fact.
Effective with a variety of pig types: If outfitted with the proper reusable magnetic cartridge, any pig or sphere will be easily detected by the MAGNA-SYGG, even those with metal bodies, brushes or gage plates. Metal bodies, brushes and gage plates may damage mechanical pig detector units on impact. Light foam pigs often deform under the stiff rod type probes and pass undetected.
Effective with a variety of pipelines: One unit can be used with a wide range of line sizes, schedules and locations. The MAGNA-SYGG can even be supplied with a remote base for sub-sea lines. Permanent installation of mechanical pig detectors precludes claims of versatility. Models for buried pipelines are limited to relatively shallow cover and sub-sea duty is not possible.
Effective with a variety of products: Gases, liquids, sludges, slurries, or gel slugs: The MAGNA-SYGG is not
influenced by the product’s density, viscosity or by the presence of suspended solids.
Some paddle type mechanical pig detector probes are so sensitive that slight drag forces generated by flow, or the action of suspended solids striking the probe, may cause actuation.
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