Cup, Disc and Brushes

Super Pig Cup Options

Super Pig Cup Series I, II, and III

Available in sizes ranging from 3″ through 60″. Designed to maintain maximum seal when batching, purging, or sweeping liquids from a pipeline. A long sealing lip provides large wear surface and long life. Custom hardnesses are available to meet your specific application. Bolt patterns are available to fit all manufacturer’s mandrels. Bypass holes are available as an option.

Super Pig X Cup

The X Cup provides maximum seal with the ability to scrape solids as it passes through the pipeline. This cup is excellent when performing a nitrogen purge or when product interface must be kept to a bare minimum. Available in sizes ranging from 8″ through 36″. Custom sizes can be provided to suit special needs. The X Cup can also be furnished with a bolt pattern to fit mandrel pigs or with bypass holes.

Super Pig Paraffin Cup

The Paraffin Cup is designed to remove both soft and hard paraffin from a pipeline. It is designed with bypass to allow the paraffin to move in front of the pig and not become lodged between the cups. The cup is wear compensating and available in different hardnesses to meet customer needs. Available with a bolt pattern to fit mandrel pigs. Sizes range from 6″ to 30″. Custom sizes are available at customer request.

Super Pig Series IV Cup

The Series IV cup (combo cup) is available in sizes 4″ through 20″. The cup is designed to flex when traveling through multiple wall thicknesses inside a pipeline. It has slots that allow a greater amount of flexibility than other cups on the market. The Series IV Cup can be furnished with a bolt pattern for use on mandrel pigs. Different hardnesses are available to meet the customers needs.

Multi-Size Cup Series I, II, III, and IV

Multi-Size Cups are available in a number of designs. Dual and multi-diameter designs are available. The Series III and Series IV Multi-Size Cups can negotiate pipeline size reductions of up to 40%. All Multi-Size Cups can be furnished in custom hardnesses to fit customer’s application. Please contact S.U.N. Engineering, Inc., or your nearest field representative, to find the design that best fits your needs.

Super Pig Disc Options

Super Pig Disc Series I

The Series I Disc is designed to provide scraping ability when cleaning a pipeline. Excellent when used to displace a newly constructed pipeline. The disc is bi-directional and will reverse its seal position when the direction of flow is changed. Different hardnesses are available to increase effective seal or provide a higher scraping ability. Sizes available from 3″ through 48″.

Super Pig Disc Series II

The Series II Disc is designed for long line displacement when a bi-directional pig is needed. The o-ring shape of the disc provides maximum seal and a good sweeping capability. The Series II Disc is excellent for use in nitrogen purge. Available in different hardnesses and bolt hole configurations as required. Sizes available from 3″ through 30″. Custom sizes available at customer’s request.

Super Pig Split Disc

The Split Disc is designed for dual-diameter pipelines where a bi-directional pig is needed. Also used to perform a scraping action in dual-diameter pipelines. Can be supplied in various hardnesses to fit specific applications.

Super Pig Brush and Blade Options

Circular Brush

Circular Brushes are available as a standard configuration on Super Pigs from 3″ through 14″ and at customers request on 16″ through 36″. The Circular Brush provides 100% pipe wall coverage. Available in custom sizes. Materials available are carbon steel, stainless steel, and prostran.

Brush Assembly

Brush Assembly with paddle style brushes are available in sizes ranging from 14″ through 60″. The brush assembly is designed as a spring inside a spring, providing wear compensation as the pig passes through the pipeline system. Brushes are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, and prostran.

Blade Assembly

Complete blade assemblies and individual blades are available for Super Pigs in sizes from 14″ to 60″. The blades and assemblies are manufactured from the same LN-10 urethane as other Super Pig components. Blades are used to successfully remove paraffin buildup in oil pipelines and to aid in the removal of compressor sludge in natural gas pipelines. Blade assemblies can be custom tailored to meet special requirements. S.U.N. Engineering, Inc., also manufactures blades to fit other manufacturer’s steel mandrel pipeline pigs.

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