About S.U.N. Engineering INC

The Company

S.U.N. Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1978 with the idea of producing new and innovative pipeline pig.  That pig was the Super Pig; the first all urethane pipeline pig with replaceable parts.  The Super Pig was light weight and easier to handle.  With only one bolt, component parts were easier to replace or reconfigure.  The Super pig, having an all urethane body, was flexible and could traverse bends that the traditional mandrel pigs were not able to pass through.  After forty years, the Super Pig is still a core part of S.U.N.’s product line, and an industry leader in pipeline pigs.

S.U.N.’s sister company, L & M Pattern Mfg. Co., Inc., has been an important part of S.U.N.’s history.  L & M has over 50 years of experience in design and manufacture of patterns and molds.  Working closely with L & M on product and mold design, S.U.N. has continuously developed and put into production innovative new pigging products including: Super Cast Pig, Tuffcast Pig, Super Flex Pig, Optima Cast Pig, Super Sphere, Super Mandrel Pig, and the Magna-Sign Pig Detector

The ability to design and make its own tooling in-house gives S.U.N. great flexibility in customizing pig designs for customers with special needs or problem pipelines as a part of what we like to call our Super Service.  This service significantly reduces the time from conceptualization to delivery.

The Material

S.U.N. Engineering Inc. has formulated a special polyurethane compound for its Super products.  Its special LN-10 formulation provides a polyester urethane mixture that is unmatched in flexibility and durability.  Actual field use and tests indicate that it lasts thirty (30) percent longer than the urethanes used in conventional pipeline pigs.  The LN-10 formulation also has excellent temperature operating ranges that allows it to operate comfortably in extreme product environments.  LN-10 is also resistant to most known chemicals encountered in today’s pipelines.  Our special formulation eliminates the need for cost cutting fillers and additives in our products, at S.U.N. Engineering Inc. we use (100) percent MDI with no fillers.  This provides customers with the highest quality Pipeline Pigs, Spheres, and Component Parts available in the world today.

Following are the chemical names and technical names of the polyurethanes typically used in the manufacture of pipeline pigs:


The polyurethane used in S.U.N. Engineering, Inc. urethane products.  Poly oil cured. No Fillers.


The polyurethane commonly used in competitive products and used in poly foam pigs.  Moca cured. Fillers are usually added to reduce material costs.  Fillers also change the properties of the urethane and reduce the desirable operating end results of the product.

The Products

S.U.N. Engineering, Inc. products consist of SUPER PIG, the first all urethane pipeline pig with replaceable parts; the SUPER CAST pig, a one piece, multi-cup pipeline pig; the TUFFCAST pig, a one piece, multi-cup and disc pig; the SUPERFLEX pig, a one piece, multi-cup and disc pig; the SUPER MANDREL pig, a steel body pig with limitless options for cups, discs and brushes; the SUPER SPHERE, a one piece, seamless pipeline sphere; the MAGNA-SYGG, a non- intrusive pipeline pig detector; SUPER PIG TRACKING, service and equipment; and SUPER SERVICE offering design and technical assistance for just about any application you might have…. onshore or offshore.  At S.U.N. Engineering we always welcome inquiries concerning pipeline pigging regardless of the perceived difficulty of the application or its location.